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In 1848 the Scottish born Norwegian explorer, Thomas Archer was the first white man to set foot on the land now known as Eidsvold Station.  When he stood surveying the countryside from a rocky outcrop beside the Burnett River it became obvious he had found the "pot of gold" he had been searching for.  Eidsvold Station was named after a small Norwegian Village where in 1814, the independent constitution of Norway was signed.

In 1905 De Berg Persse and his son-in-law Fitzpierce Joyce, purchased Eidsvold Station.  By 1936 Fitzpierce Joyce has passed on and hos eldest son Barney was called home from Argentina to take over management.

Having seen Santa Gertrudis cattle at the King Ranch in Texas, USA, Barney decided these cattle were the cattle most likely to be best suited to the Eidsvold environment.

Eidsvold Station for purchased Santa Gertrudis bulls at the 1953 King Ranch sale held at Risdon.  In 1954 Barney visited Texas USA and purchased 10 yearling purebred females from Armstrong Ranch.  These ten females became the nucleus of the Eidsvold herd.  This Eidsvold Station became Santa Gertrudis Stud No. 2 in Australia.  

Barney and Joan Joyce made Eidsvold Station famous for its Santa Gertrudis cattle, its quarter horses, for its visitors and renowned hospitality.  Royal visitors have included His Royal Highness Prince Charles (twice) and His Royal Highness Prince Richard of Gloucester.  The property has been owned and managed by Barney's nephew Anthony and his wife Sally for the last three decades.