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The Greenup Eidsvold Station Bull Sale will be interfaced with

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Now you can join the live bidding even if the creek’s up, you live too far away or you just don’t like crowds. To find out how visit:


An AuctionsPlus Interfaced sale is run in conjunction with a physical auction that is being controlled by an auctioneer, to allow buyers to participate without attending the sale.

Online buyers can log in via the AuctionsPlus website and observe the auction in real time, and place bids on their computer. These bids are immediately transferred to a representative on site, who will raise that bid with the auctioneer.

Online bidding is available only to registered users. Registration is free - visit www.auctionsplus.com.au to register. Please register at least 48 hours prior to the sale.

Microsoft Silverlight is required to connect to AuctionsPlus sales; first time users are advised to visit the Downloads section of the AuctionsPlus website to ensure Silverlight is installed. Demonstration Auctions may be viewed in order for new users to become familiar with the system.

Contact us or our agents to discuss how to make your AuctionsPlus bidding fast and effective.

GDL, Mark Duthie: 0448 016 950

Elders, Blake Munro: 0428 862 469

TopX, Cyril Close: 0428 222 308

AuctionsPlus: 02 9262 4222