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Our bulls complain that we’re too tough on them. 

But Our Clients Aren’t Complaining

Greenup Santa Gertrudis Bulls are sought for their consistency, toughness and ability to breed heavier calves that finish easily by stud and commercial breeders across Australia - from Western Australia to the Northern Territory to New South Wales.

Greenup Bulls provide exceptional fertility, soundness and carcase traits to stud breeders looking for a consistently superior article.  

Kensit Kelly purchased Greenup Viagra (P) from Greenup Santa Gertrudis for $17,000 in 2004.

Greenup Viagra was mated with 54 cows in 2005, with 52 cows returning a positive preg-test.  

 “I chose him using the Sire Selector on the Santa Gertrudis website and doing a physical inspection prior to the sale. I was particularly impressed with his temperament and structural soundness,” Mr Kelly said.  

“Viagra’s semen morphology was excellent and he proved to be a potent calf-getter.  Viagra’s calves have the muscle, temperament and structure that I seek. I am very happy with his performance."  

“At our Dispersal Sale in 2006, cows with calves at foot by Greenup Viagra and back in calf to Viagra sold to a top of $8500 and Viagra himself was resold for $15,000 after working two seasons – a great return on my investment.” 

The Late Kensit Kelly,

Kelly Wallah Santa Gertrudis Stud.

Kensit Kelly.jpg (228063 bytes)

Greenup Santa Gertrudis commercial cattle are sought for their proven performance in feedlots and off pasture.  Premiums are paid for the cattle’s quiet disposition and exceptional weight gains.

 Rick Greenup, GDL Beef Galore 400-500 kgRickBeefGalore.jpg (475456 bytes)

"We have fed a lot of Greenup bred steers.  They are great converters, high weight gainers and produce outstanding weight for age carcases.  I wish we could buy a lot more of them."

Glen Franz

Feedlot Services, Grant, Daniel and Long


Graham McDermot first bought Greenup Santa Gertrudis Bulls for his Northern Territory property “Toblemore” in 2003 and after seeing how they handled the dry seasons he has been back every year.

Greenup Bulls are excellent walkers, I found them working 20 km from water in the dry times.  I’ve has a top calving rate since using Greenup bulls, and have changed 75% of my herd to Santas. My red cattle are doing in excess of 2kg/day in the feedlot compared with the Brahman’s gains of 1.6-1.7kg/day and are quicker to go on feed.  Nowadays I have 3-4 works chasing my steers. The Greenup bred cattle have excellent temperament and are superior to handle in the yards and paddock.”

Graham McDermot, Springsure

"We have purchased steers from Rick & Alice Greenup and have been very happy with the results from our backgrounding operation.  We have found them to be a good line of cattle and well suited to the feed-on steers market.  Despite a hard winter feeding only on grass, these cattle still gained 0.8kg per day.  We will be looking to purchase Greenup steers again!"


Mark & Sonia Bassingthwaighte

Jingi Jingi, Jandowae, Qld