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front cover 17 web.jpg (2860541 bytes) 2017 Greenup Eidsvold Station Catalogue

2017 Greenup Eidsvold Station Supplementary Sheet


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The 2016 Catalogue on line  (7.5 MB)

The Greenup Eidsvold Station bull sale catalogues are available in paper format.  If you would prefer us to send you a hard copy then contact us with your mailing address via email: greenup@greenup.com.au or contact one of our participating agents; GDL, Elders, TopX or your local preferred agent. 

The Greenup Eidsvold Station Annual Bull Sales are interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

2016 Supplementary Sheet

GDL LOGO COLOUR LSPA.jpg (40601 bytes)    Peter Brasier: 0407 525 983                      Elders Colour.jpg (15198 bytes)    Blake Munro: 0428 862 469    TopX Logo w tagline.jpg (55737 bytes)Brett Miller: 0428 797 938



Sale Information

All sale bulls are:

 Inoculated for tick fever with 3-germ-blood

 Inoculated for 3-day sickness

Inoculated for Pesti-virus

Soundness evaluated

Fertility guaranteed

All bulls have been semen-morphology tested

Breeding Soundness  All bulls have passed a breeding soundness examination.  

Semen morphology  All bulls have passed a semen morphology test by veterinarians Ced Wise and Peter McAuliffe.

Health  All bulls have been vaccinated with 7 in 1, Vibrio, 3-day and 3-Germ blood for tick fever.  Annual booster shots recommended next July. All Eidsvold Sale cattle have been pre-treated for ticks and are ready for tick-free country.  

Buyers Inspections  Cattle may be inspected any time prior to the sale by arrangement with the vendor or selling agents.  All sale lots will be on display at sale venue on morning of sale from 7.00 am.  

Supplementary Sheets  Supplementary sheets are on our website: www.greenup.com.au and also available on the day with semen morphology results, scrotal sizes, raw weights, daily weight gains and scan data for eye muscle area, rib fat and rump fat.

Brands  Symbol Brands: All Greenup cattle and Quarter Horses are branded with Wings over Nought.  Eidsvold Station cattle are branded with Half Circle J.  Number Brands: Greenup Eidsvold Station bulls are branded with even numbers and heifers with odd numbers. 

Guarantee  Our bulls are guaranteed as breeders at time of purchase, however we accept no responsibility in the following circumstances:

·   Injury or disease that occurs to animal after the sale;

·   Gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the purchaser;

In the event of an animal failing to breed, we agree that;

·   The animal may be replaced with an animal of comparable value;

·   Credit shall be given in the sum of the full purchase price, less salvage value;

·   The vendor shall refund the money paid for the bulls.

These options shall be at the Vendors’ election and the Vendor shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss (including consequential loss) whatsoever.

Insurance  Insurance representatives will be at the sales and if requested will arrange insurance on the fall of the hammer.

Outside Agents  The vendors will pay a 3% rebate to outside agents who introduce genuine “new” buyers in writing at least 24 hours prior to the sale and is paid on previous eligible introductions. Rebate will not apply to existing Greenup Eidsvold Station clients. Settlement by the outside agent on the purchaser’s behalf must occur within fourteen days of the sale.

Delivery  Delivery will be given and taken on the day of the sale.  Cattle waiting for trucking will be held free of charge for one week.  Every care will be taken, however no responsibility will be accepted.

Risk & Responsibility  Any person attending the sale do so at their own risk and the vendor assumes no liability, legal or otherwise, for any injury, accident, loss or damage to any person or property.

Disclaimer  The vendors and agents have produced this catalogue with every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information, however will not be responsible for any errors or omissions.


Contact information

You are always welcome at Cardowan to view the upcoming sale bulls and our breeding cows.  Contact Rick & Alice Greenup to discuss your herd's needs on;
617-4164 4260
Postal address
"Cardowan" MS 514 KUMBIA QLD 4610. Australia
Electronic mail